PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing

Subscribers of telecom operators can now pay for their non-communication expenses via a single, consolidated invoice.

Easy Expenditure Management For Subscribers Through Invoice Consolidation

PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) strengthens telecom operators' hand in providing their subscriber-base with a wider and improved gamut of value-added services. With PayFlex DCB, various types of expenses incurred by subscribers over different channels are consolidated on a single invoice. This grants subscribers preeminent convenience where they can easily pay for multiple items via a single, consolidated invoice - all the while leveraging an advanced payment option superior in practicality and security to credit cards payments.

No Obligation For Bank Integration

Empowering mobile operators and internet service providers (ISPs) with value-added solutions for their subscriber-base, PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing runs at the background, on subscription accounts, and requires no integration with banks. The easy-to-operate and flexible structure of the system heralds worlds of convenience for both the operators and the subscribers.

Customize Processes For Different Subscription Types

As a telecom operator, you can offer PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing solution to all types of subscribers. For your postpaid subscribers, expenses are included in and invoiced on the upcoming invoice to be issued. For prepaid subscribers, the expenditure amount is instantaneously debited to their current balance.Totally bank or credit card free, the system does not require any over-the-POS transactions, thus ensuring that costs related to payment transactions are kept to a minimum.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Contemporary customers demand their providers know them inside out. This demand aligns perfectly with their desire to indulge in value-added alternatives going over and beyond standard services. Acting on these facts, PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) solution provides telecom operators with the opportunity to diversify the communication services they offer. Leveraging PayFlex DCB, telecom operators can answer their customers' demand for value-added services through enabling them to pay for their micro-scale non-communication expenditures and transactions on a single, consolidated invoice together with their communication expenses.


Advantages Of
Payflex Direct Carrier Billing

Flexible Structure

You can customize system definitions and limitations using various criteria including dealer network, subscriber type, service type and product type.

Effective Control Measures

PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing enhances the control of your processes. All operations are carried out under the authority and scrutiny of the system-owner institution.

Bank Account And Card Free Use

Hinging on processes that run entirely over the operator, PayFlex DCB can be utilized as an alternative payment method for subscribers who do not own a bank account or credit card.

High Security Infrastructure

All transactions over the system are processed through a cutting-edge infrastructure fully compliant with international standards. The payment process only requires the mobile payment security PIN and no other personal information to be disclosed. All required information is stored exclusively by PayFlex DCB.

Monitoring And Reporting

Transaction amounts are perpetually monitored by alarm mechanisms built in the system. When a transaction amount exceeds the threshold, automatically triggered notifications are sent to predefined contact points. Additionally, key performance indicators such as system success rates, trending transactions and various transaction values can be reported on demand.


Stand Out Benefits For
Organizations And Shops

Operator Free Solution

With PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing there will be no mobile operator restrictions for your subscribers. From the organisations’ stand-point, SMS messages can be sent through mobile numbers associated with PayFlex, eliminating the need to work and integrate with a single mobile operator.

Wider Reach To New Prospects

Seeking to consolidate their micro-scale expenditures into their communication invoices, some customers will prefer institutions that offer them such a payment alternative. PayFlex Direct Carrier Billing will endow brick-and-mortar or online stores with a unique selling proposition, expanding their reach to new customers.

Budget-Friendly Payment Channel

PayFlex DCB's most distinguishing feature is its capability to avert substantial investments associated with POS machines, card production and card distribution fees.