PayFlex Loyalty Suite

Providing state of the art loyalty program infrastructure for banks, telecom operators, retailers, shopping malls, oil & gas companies and service providers...


Point based

Omni-Channel Loyalty

With an omni-channel approach, the infrastructure meets loyalty expectations providing a seamless experience through all channels.

Point Earning-More Spending

PayFlex Loyalty enables customers to earn points for product purchases, certain behaviours and brand engagement.

Unified Customer Experience

Experience higher revenues and offer unified customer experience at all customer touch points.

Campaign Management

Get the customer information and activities that help to create lucrative campaigns.



Discount Management

It distributes, inquires and redeems discount coupons. Discount coupons are distributed to program members with an SMS message and other means...

Merchant & Brand Management

Merchants, dealers and brands that are part of the campaign that program users redeem discounts are listed and managed easily.

Program Member & Segmentation

This module checks program members who redeem discount coupons. It checks the accuracy of program members. (No program members’ information stored)

Multi-Brand System

System owners can offer various campaigns at multiple brands such as 10% off at a shoe brand, 30% off at a flower shop and £5 off at a pizza restaurant.



Know Who Is Nearby

With the help of the BLE beacon devices, the smart phones within a specific range start interacting with PayFlex Instant Offer. A set of personalized offers can be delivered and/or tailored actions can be taken.

Maximize Retention

Capture complex or simple events and behaviour patterns of consumers by receiving real-time consumer insights and take necessary actions to send right and the relevant offers to consumers.

Create Social Trends

By integrating with popular social platforms, companies get to know their customers more in depth by following their behaviours and social trends respecting their privacy.

Sell More

Instant Offer helps companies increase cross-sell and upsell by tracking changes in customer behaviours and generate relevant offers; thus maximize profitability.


Sales Team

Teams Challenge

Employees can build their own team or teams that are chosen randomly and are altered periodically. You can choose & challenge an individual or a group within defined parameters randomly or pre-chosen individuals and teams compete weekly according to Leagues & Fixtures...

Sales Team Encouragement

Boost competition and teamwork with custom and public leader boards. You can endorse social activity and collaboration via leader boards, notifications, announcements and newsfeeds.

A Role Play

Apply strategies designed for specific roles & objectives: Create diverse roles by applying specific objectives to increase engagement. Encourage information sharing to increase cross sell and upsell and give badges so each individual is recognized with various roles.